you wanna story?

i mostly make music with folks who have been doing this longer than i have
and i have been doing it my whole life
let's call these folks: masters
when you have a master who plays writes sings
like it was their first time (excitement)
and like it was their last time (reverance)
something deep, important and lasting shows up
in their taste, touch, tone and in-the-momentness
plus we have a helluva lotta fun

it is not perfection
but intention

i'll take intention every time

this recording spans from the springs of 2001 and 2002 when danny thompson, kenny malone, dan dugmore and i cut these songs in my living room on a road called couchville -then, time travels to the spring of 2015 when i brought bill payne to sit in a different living room (to a master, overdubbing IS time travel and i believe bradbury would agree)

do not be alarmed by the time in between 2001 and now
- masters are unphased by time

the songs are mostly mine - with a song each by (masters): hank williams, johnny cash, james taylor, townes van zandt and peter rowan - add a narration by guy clark and you may have your story

(i was gonna call the record "masters"
but i thought i was trying too hard for something that was simple)

and, just one more part to the tale ...when we tracked these songs, one song was ringing out at the end (you know, where you try to be dead quiet for a few seconds) and i remember looking up and perched on the catwalk fresh from skool and above the living room was my 11 year old daughter listening to us make racket in her home - she and i still share that moment - when we were witness to each other, to what had just happened, to this full band of older gents playing like they were 18

now you are witness
if you wanna be

darrell winter 2016