Songfood Apron

100% Cotton Songfood Apron in Khaki and dark enough to hide a few foodie marks. This Apron graphic designed by Chris Weller is a great fit for all, but most of all for those like Darrell, with a deep passion for creating tasty Food and thought-provoking Music.

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World of Wonder Green T- Shirt

Chris Weller design of World of Wonder on a heather green T

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Red and Black Galaxy Ford T-Shirt

Ringer T with Darrell’s Mom’s 1964 Galaxy Ford

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SongFood Presents: A Songwriting Intensive Workshop with Darrell Scott

This workshop is currently filled:) please contact Angela Scott to be put on a waitlist incase of cancellations or another workshop date that might be offered. SONGFOOD PRESENTS: SONGWRITING INTENSIVE DATE: May 2020 LOCATION: NASHVILLE, TN COST: $950.00 USD ...

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Official release date: November 17, 2017 Nashville is booming like the city just got word of hosting the Olympics; and, they have 18 months to get it all together to say: "tah dah" to the world. A Nashville skyline with more cranes than Nebraska in March, around the clock construction and no...

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you wanna story? i mostly make music with folks who have been doing this longer than i have and i have been doing it my whole life let's call these folks: masters when you have a master who plays writes sings like it was their first time (excitement) and like it was their last time...

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Ten (Songs of Ben Bullington) CD

2015 my wish is for you to slow down for 52 minutes - i believe there is pure beauty here - these songs are perfect examples of "song as literature" - ben's songs are timeless - i loved getting right in the middle of these songs and offering my best - these are great songs: period. Track list...

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Memories And Moments - CD - Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott

2013 tim and darrell 13 years older (and none the wiser) this was our studio follow up to real time- we offered 5 songs each, 1 co-write, and 3 songs leaning on the jones, hank williams and john prine - the co-write (keep your dirty lights on) was nominated for a grammy in 2014 ...

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Long Ride Home - CD

2012 my country that, a direct lineage of real country music from the 60s and 70s and my parents' listening from the 40s and 50s-as i inherited it-i built the record around the sound of piano great, hargus "pig" robbins-there are 30 years of original songs here, beginning when i was 1...

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Jammin' at Hippie Jacks - DVD

2011 this is a dvd of just kenny & me-we had not played together in a year and a half-and we had no set list-oh, and it was for television-sounds like a recipe for musical trainwreck disaster, right? well, this magic is what showed up-this dvd supports the notion that rehearsal is over rated

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A Crooked Road - CD

2010 i turned 50 - what can i say - i wanted to do something significant for the occasion - so, i made a record of 20 tunes that i played and sang every sound on (like when i was 16 with a 4 track reel to reel in the garage) - a personal love letter to myself, in the end Track Listings Disc:...

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Invisible Man - CD

2006 the theme here: the artist in modern times - valuable? silent? unseen? needed? ignored? taken from the same core sessions as theatre of the unheard, same core band still recorded by miles wilkinson but mixed by gary paczosa Track Listings 1. Hank Williams' Ghost 2. There's A Stone Arou...

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Live In NC - CD

2005 i bought an all white 45foot white tour bus (the 3 year old bus of footballs' john madden) - we called it MOBY DICK. - and i never toured in it - danny thompson MADE ME hire a bus driver over 1 weekend along with kenny malone - we played 3 nights - moby dick was too B I G 4 me Trac...

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Real Time - CD

2000 the first record w/ tim obrien - recorded in my house - we had a running list of songs we wanted to do (as we had traveled a couple years together) -we leaned on hank williams and traditionals and an instrumental that got its' title from a guy clark stage joke (the second mouse) Track Li...

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Theatre Of The Unheard - CD

2004 "These songs were written in Boston between 1986 and 1990-- before I moved to Nashville. I found my "voice," as a writer, in these songs. I got a big record deal with these songs.” It was never released., 13 years later, we RE-recorded the entire album and released on my own label ...

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Family Tree - CD

1999 my sophmore release for sugar hill - the theme was f a m i l y - both light and dark side - the album cover is my son, gabriel, when he was 4 - shot by jim mcguire on a ladder (i was in waders off camera as security) Track Listing: 1. My Father's House 2. Rhonda's Last Ride 3. Lazaru...

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Aloha From Nashville - CD

1997 my first release- i had it 9 months before i went down to the local record store to put it in the "local" bin - sugar hill records picked it up after 2 years (i was in sam bush's band at the time, also sugar hill) – ps. aloha means hello and goodbye- i was not sure which it would be 1. H...

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This Weary Way - WAYNE SCOTT - CD

2005 my dad, wayne scott, when he was 71, from the first notes, he had a ball - so did the rest of us - so will you - if you like the real roots of country, mountain and gospel music - the highlight of this recording was my dad featured on terry gross' npr show and his playing merlefest Tra...

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Darrell Scott Industrial Short Sleeve Trucker shirt

Dickies brand black shirt with white embroidery Fade-resistant poly/cotton poplin resists wrinkles

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Ladies racer back tank

"Love Is the Reason" racer back tank Tultex super soft cotton FYI they run small:)

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Darrell Scott Legacy Trucker hat

Legacy "Old Favorite" Trucker Hat • 100% cotton twill with a proprietary wash to create a “dirty” effect • Unstructured low profile fit with Legacy's famous Supersoft™ mesh

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Limited Edition Autographed Long Ride Home Print

Specially designed and printed by a local Nashville artist, this limited edition Long Ride Home block print is in red tones on heavy paper, and autographed by Darrell.

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